Strange. Seems than this app is useless???

I mean it is useless without visual access to monitor screen. For example If I want to change some eq remotely in the club on the soundcheck - I cant do it. (can with Lemur) I only can play stop solo mute and change locator position. Am I right?

All the features require visual access to cubase screen and nearly nothing posible to do on the ipad itself.

Seems that even teamviewer (free) session gives more freedom.

Yes. I see that it was developed mainly for recording. But It require wifi turned on. Will it be surprise for Steinberg that it is nearly impossible to use WIFI with Cubase/Nuendo on PC due to sound dropouts? It is very common problem. And it is critical especially for recording.

It will be nice to have an access to track features like eqs, inserts, sends. Even to turn it on of off.

To have an ability to do something in arrangement screen except zoom in/out. Even to zoom in out vertically and to select tracks and to move blocks.

For now it is waste of money for editors/arrangers.

Strange that Steinberg dont think about to develop good flexible remote control app for their products.

Free Lemur templates is much better and flexible than iC Pro. And it can do the same and much more. Im very disappointed.

I Have a question for Steinberg team.

Do you plan to develop remote control app comparable to Lemur/V-Control presets?

Thank you.