Strange slur drawing


I’ve the following strange slur drawing:
Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 19.17.05.png
I’m in an orchestral score, this is the Bass staff in transposed pitch and galley view. The he same appear also in page view. I’ve jus selected the first and last note and pressed S.

You can always edit the shape of any slur in engrave mode which will reflect in the page mode of the present layout (which can be propagated to the specific part layout, too).

Steeply angled slurs with large obstacles such as accidentals on every note are very difficult for Dorico to route acceptably. For the time being you should expect to have to adjust these slurs in Engrave mode. In general I’m not sure it’s feasible for Dorico to produce a pleasing shape for every single possible musical situation, though we try our best.

I perfectly understand, and I’ll fix it in Engrave mode.
I’ve just pointed it to you, so you can have a test case for a possible improvement.