Strange slur placement

just wanted to share a strange slur notation.

When changing the engraving settings to “position endpoint as if beamed”, obviously this is solved, but in my project I don’t want this setting because then all slurs remain over the staff, including the one from the pickup.

I have now manually chaned the positioning but however, I do think that the automatic placement is not right in any case…

EDIT: As soon as the bar became a little wider because of notes in other staves, the problem was solved by it’s own…

Try the position stem-side endpoint near stem end option.

IMO, Dorico should never default to bending any slur inward. This often happens in big leaps, e.g.:
Schermafbeelding 2022-01-05 om 15.04.55

Not only the weird bending inward of some of these slurs is a problem here, but also the flattening and poking outward of some of the others. Some of the slurs in this case seem to ignore the maximum angle in Engraving Options. Or doesn’t that setting apply here?


Yes, I totally agree. While the user of course has the option to bend the slur inward if desired, these are extreme edge cases. It should never be the default.

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