Strange Solo Behaviour, anyone else having this problem?

I have a large project I’m mixing for a friend. Imported stems and did all the usual clean-up and organization. Probably about 60 stereo and 6-8 mono tracks, plus 9 effects busses. 8 sub-groups. Plug ins include 4 instancess of Reverance, VCC, the Glue and a few others.

My problem is during the mixing process, sometimes (perhaps 1 in 5 times) when I activate a specific channel’s solo button, I can hear leakage from one or two other totally random channels. I’ve double checked and its not coming from the buss assignments or effects returns. It’s a slightly lower level output from one or two other random tracks leaking into the solo buss. I tried disabling various plug-ins with no success.

At one point, I figured out which other track I could hear; it’s yellow mute indicator was lit and the red solo was not. I hit the solo twice (on/off) and then the track muted in the solo buss.

Anyone else have this problem?

What happens if you move the track you want to solo (as a test) to an empty part of the Project and play it there (and also try soloing it there too), do you still hear crosstalk?
Just to eliminate something being on the track already from the prior Project of the friend’s.
Shouldn’t be but you never know.

You could use the Play tool to listen directly to the audio event on the track in question, then if you still hear the crosstalk then it’s definitely been imprinted on the recorded audio somehow. If you don’t hear it then you know it’s some sort of routing issue or maybe a bug, but at least you’re narrowing it down…


I get this at the moment with vst instruments … halion sonic for example :frowning:

Interesting post because I had had odd routing experiences in 6.5, although not the crosstalk experience you write of. For example, if I run three channels to a group efx, if I close the project and then reopen it again, I might find that one of the channels is not sending signal to the group, even though it clearly shows it is in it’s send window. Also when you solo the track, if it is connected to the group, then the group should light up showing the connection. It won’t. My solution is to disconnect the send and then create it again. Then it seems to be OK on subsequent project reopen.

To me this is totally maddening because I might have 25 tracks loaded and sharing a group efx. On playback/mixdown after reopening a project, I’ve learned to check each channel to see that things are as I originally set them. It’s a pain to have to do this, too, but I’ve been forced to be cautious with 6.5.

So what I might do if I were you is to play your project and solo each channel/group/bus. If you hear the crosstalk, then disconnect all of it’s sends, including it’s stereo out bus. Now find the channel you were hearing if that’s possible, and check all of it’s sends. Do the same with it. Now go back to the other channel/group/bus and turn it back on. If you don’t hear any crosstalk, then go back to the last channel/group/bus you disconnected and reconnect it while monitoring/soloing the first channel.

I have downloaded C7 at this point and although I really dislike the mixer window, I am going to put the channel router through it’s paces this week. It may be that Steinberg has improved on something here.