Strange sound confusion in a huge project with 8x note performer and 1x spitfire lab

Having updated yesterday to V.4.1 I’m now continuing to work on a huge score with 67 staves. All over sudden I get strange effects when starting the playback, noticing instruments were suddenly linked to a combination of intrument sounds, for instance marimba with an additional trumpet sound. I went then to the play tab and tried to locate on which channel the playback happens. I do have 8 instances of the note performer plug-in running, but the first instance doesn’t get displayed in the play tab at all. I also noticed, that there is a strange mismatching of names and sounds in the mixer display of dorico. Several instruments end up in the same channel strip. Muting a single strip mutes oher channels too.

Any idea how to fix this problem?

It seems for me linked to an automatic configuration of the playback routes in the background of Dorico.

I manually changed the numbers of the plug-in instances (channel number, not Midi channel number) and now it seems to work.

Welcome to the forum, Rainer. I’m glad you solved this problem on your own. My suggestion, should you run into this in future, would be to reapply the playback template via Play > Playback Template. Even if you then have to manually reassign the one instrument that was using the Spitfire Labs player, you should be back up and running quickly.