Strange sound on midi drums HELP!

Hi, I have been working on my first project and have been using the halion drums, they sound great when I audition them and even sound great as I record but when I play them back they have this high pitch flange effect to them. I have tried changing kits, tried using groove agent but the same thing happens.

I have also tried to eq it out but i can’t, and it seems to affect all the drums,the toms get it, the snare gets it etc, could anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong and or how to avoid it. If I can get them to sound like they do as I record them that would be perfect.

Oh I have tried playing with the velocities but that doesn’t help either,and I have checked it on other stereo systems to see if it was just my monitors but it’s still there. I am using cubase artist 6.5 .

The only other sounds I have used from halion is the bass guitar and that sounds fantastic…the sound not my playing ! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have an Insert plugin instanciated maybe?
Duplicate MIDI events perhaps?
Is the strange sound maybe feedback (microphone or something else)?

Try creating a new blank project, add only a Groove Agent track and just tap the pads (no MIDI data on track, just manually trigger the pads). See if it still happens.

Woo hoo! Thanks! It was duplicate midi. I had the midi out from my keyboard going into my audio box but I did not have power to the keyboard so I plugged the USB in to power the keyboard…unplug the midi line and BINGO! Problem solved, that also explains why I had two velocity lines for each hit…so much to learn :blush: thanks for your help it was driving me crazy…now back to the music.