Strange sounds

In a large Dorico project strange things are sounding in two or three bars. When I completely delete the bars, it still returns. The bars are empty, also in PLAY mode. Can somebody help me?


Could you please be more specific of the strange sounds you are hearing? Is it some very low notes? Is it distorted noise? Maybe make a small recording with a smartphone so that we get an impression. You can zip it up and attach here.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes: it’s in fact saxophone sound in a saxophone part. But not what is written. Even when I empty the complete bars, there’s still sound. (i’m sorry, I’m not English, this is horrible language).

I really think it’s a bug, by the way. I use Dorico 4.0.10

Maybe it is a keyswitch then that does sound. Is the correct expression map assigned to that player?

I have no Idea what that means, I don’t change expression maps and never heard of a keyswitch. I’m just a humble composer, no technician.

See, a piano can play over the whole range of keys, but a saxophone can not. So the lower notes, that a saxophone normally can’t play then can be used for keyswitches. They are not written in the score, but Dorico sends them as MIDI notes to the VSTinstruments. The instrument then recognizes these low notes as articulation modifiers for the different playing techniques. Which note corresponds to which playing technique is defined in the expression map.
So for all this to work properly, the VSTinstrument has to be set up with the correct expression map for each sound.
Can you send me your project file to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and I can try to see what might be wrongly set up with it?

Ah! I don’t use VST instruments, I use NotePerformer, does that change something? I send you the file.

Thanks in advance!

Ulf has passed the project on to me, and I’m looking at it. It appears to be the case that Dorico is somehow adding notes for trills in a different flow during playback. I’ll report back when I have more information.

Many thanks, Daniël, great to see you deal with this personally!
I should add I totally adore Dorico 4, best purchase in 2021!

I finally figured out what was going on with this project. It’s a rather subtle bug concerning the playback of trills. What’s happening is that part of the trill in bar 85 ff. of the “Lament” flow is playing during bars 50-51 of the “Scherzo” flow. This will require some attention from the team in due course: in the meantime I’ve added a temporary fix that should be included in the next update.


Hi Daniël! Thanks! Important for me is that I didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no hurry whatsoever in finishing this project (first symphony, my first steps as a serious classical composer) so knowing that it’s gonna be solved in the future is more than fine!