Strange spacing behavior in Galley View

Hi there!

I was writing for SATB choir, four staves, in galley view. Everything going normal. At one point I created a divisi in the alto staff. After creating the divisi, I decided not to use it at all, so I deleted the divisi flag. It all collapsed back to normal. But the moment I added a playing technique in the alto staff, the space between altos and tenors grew strangely and now I can’t get it back to normal. (See attached picture)

I can’t reproduce this. Would you please attach a minimal example that demonstrates the problem so I can take a look?

I have the same problem. Is there any fix for this?

I have the same issue in a divided string section, but only in Galley view. I’ll see if I can send a file later.

Reports of the problem without including the file unfortunately don’t allow us to help. maronid, if you could zip up the project in which you’re having the problem and attach it here, I’ll be pleased to take a look.

here is a short extract from an arrangement with this spacing issue between Vcl & Cb. (438 KB)

This is how it looks on my computer.
You can also see the misplaced on-screeen bar numbers as they look when changing the placement of the printed bar numbers.

Mats, your score looks correct in the current development build, so this will be OK in the next update.

Sounds great Daniel, thanks! :+1::+1:

I think I found out what the issue is… When creating divisi staves, and then creating (or copying) grouped objects (such as dynamics or so), the object is created in the divisi staff, even if there’s no music in it or if it’s “hidden”. I had to extend the appearance of the divisi staff until I found the “mf” dynamic that was causing the problem. Everything went back to normal.