Strange spacing of bars


I’m writing some exercises for snare drum. I want to have one bar with the rhythm and 3 repeat bars. See on the included pic the spacing gets all weird. The 3 repeat bars are totally cramped together. How come? What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to get the spacing right?


Try removing the system break, then re-entering it. Does that work?

Yes, I’ve tried that without any change. I don’t understand why the 1st bar fills the whole system and the 3 remaining end up like mini sized…

Somehow I think you’ve managed to remove the rests in the voice with notes, which means that those bars have nothing to cause them to be spaced properly. Try selecting the last note in the first bar on the system and unsetting the ‘Ends voice’ property.

Thanks Daniel!

That worked! What I did was that I wrote the one bar and then just skipped forward, didn’t write any rests in the empty bars. Is that why the “end voice” thing happened?

No, I don’t think so: something would have caused that ‘Ends voice’ property to have been set: are you sure you didn’t do Remove Rests or anything like that?

I added bars by pressing the + sign above the the system. Moved forward and entered more notes. I’ll try the same thing again and see what happens.

Sorry Daniel, I just realised that I was confused. I was working on writing two separate snare drum exercises. One of them was imported from Sib using music xml. That’s the score were the “end voice” thing happened. Working in Dorico from scratch with the other one, no problem at all…

Probably something that happened during xml import. There’s a lot of stuff getting weird when importing xml files.

Anyhow, nothing wrong with Dorico, just me getting confused. I blame on the heat.