Strange spacing when adding bars

I selected the final barline and added 5 bars using the popover. I got this (displays this way in both galley and page view):

No hidden breaks or anything that I can tell. No signposts to indicate anything amiss. This wasn’t the spacing I expected. The measures respace correctly when I add music to them, but I can’t select the measures themselves because they’re so small. Is there something I’m missing?
add measures.png

Select the last note, and see if the Property “ends voice” is switched on. If it is, switch it off – the measures should populate with rests. That would expand the measures to normal size.

Bingo. Thank you! I inherited this lead sheet from another user who started setting it up for me, and I didn’t even think to check that. :slight_smile:

I’ve run into that occasionally with XML imports – stumped me for awhile until I found the issue. Now I know what to look for immediately. :smiley: