Strange Staff Label Behavior

I’m working on a project with a condensed full score, and I noticed something odd when I got feedback from the composer that he wanted to change the condensing of the 3 trumpets from 1.2, 3 to 1, 2.3. The other important piece of information is the staff label grouping style, where he wants the ‘Trumpet’ label to appear in the middle of the two condensed staves, as opposed to on each of them.

It appears that when I enable condensing and group them as 1.2, 3, the result is as expected with the label between the two staves:

However, when I attempt to edit this grouping and change to 1, 2.3, the result no longer obeys the engraving option to put the label in the middle - it simply labels each staff individually:

I’d appreciate it if someone could let me know if I’m missing something simple here - at the moment, I can’t find an option that gives the me the look the composer wants. This is using Dorico Pro

Thank you!

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Hi @gamarti2, are you able to share a small project that demonstrates the problem? That’ll make it easier for someone to jump in and take a look; plus if it’s a project set up like in your pictures, people can then check any other settings or things going on that might be affecting this beyond the pictures and the engraving options you mention.

Strange, I get the same issue when using custom condensing groups in Layout Options. Using the groups 1.2. and 3. results in a centered label, but the groups 1. and 2.3. does not.

You could get around this by not defining custom condensing groups at all, and instead adding a Condensing Change where, under Manual Condensing, the trumpets are assigned to different staves. However, you will have to manage the voices manually by adding additional condensing changes where necessary…

Hi @JesterMusician - I appreciate you confirming that you see the same behavior, and that there’s a workaround - thank you!

@Lillie_Harris - understood, apologies for not attaching it first. It turns out this can be replicated on a trivial project file only containing three solo players without music - I’ve attached this. In the current state, condensing is enabled, and there should be a single staff label between staves, but it instead has one label per staff. I’m unsure if this is affected by another setting I can’t find, or if this is unexpected behavior.

If it helps, here are the steps to replicate for a trivial project:

  1. Create a new project, add three identical solo players (I use trumpets)
  2. Under engraving options, go to staff labels and choose the option to group staff labels between staves
  3. Under layout options, go to players-condensing, and enable condensing on the full score.
  4. In the same dialog box, create a custom condensing group that contains trumpet 1 and 2 - this works exactly as expected and produces the first image in my original post. Alternatively, remove that custom group, and create one containing trumpet 2 and 3. Now the staff label is no longer between the two condensed staves - this is the state my attached project is in, and corresponds with the second image in my original post.

Staff_Label_Issue_Example.dorico (390.7 KB)

See Condensing and grouped staff labels - #10 by SmithAlexander and the replies - I suspect this is the same thing.

Thanks @pianoleo - I guess I missed that topic in my initial forum search. It does seem like the same issue, so I appreciate you sending that link.