Strange staff spacing change

Hi everyone. I’m experiencing a strange staff spacing change in the middle of a piece (m.1025) Has anyone seen this before and know how to fix it? I’m in full score layout with instrument filter on.

never mind. Must’ve been a glitch, resolved itself somehow. phew.

Was that in galley view, or in page view? In page view you will sometimes see a single staff out of alignment because an instrument change is now in a different position than it was before, and a staff spacing adjustment that should have applied to both the original and new instruments only applies to one or the other, but that can always be resolved by resetting the staff spacing. This doesn’t normally occur in galley view, however. If you can reproduce it at will, do let us know.

It was in galley view. No instrument changes in the entire project. Instrument filter was on when this happened. After toggling views and layouts a few times, it went away. Will let you know if I can reproduce it!