Strange sudden behaviour Cubase 12 pro

I installed a free Artoria synth package this screwed with my latency and has now been uninstalled but has left Cubase crippled. Now in an empty project apart from 1 instance of retrologue it refuses to play on anything less than 1024 buffer size. Even when the project is idling the processor continues to max out at regular intervals… I’ve spent hours trying to sort this, any ideas…?


I would try to Disable Preferences on the Safe Start Mode dialog and I would try to reinstall Cubase (as administrator, of you are on Windows).

Yes I thought of that but it didn’t help. In the end I uninstalled some plugins I’d added and that sorted out the problem which is cool but I still don’t know what caused it obvs one of the plugins interacted adversely with my system. All good now… I may try and identify which plugin caused the glitch …