Strange tempo problem.

Hey Folks.
So I’ll be working on a project, save it and come back a few hours later, boot up cubase and the tempo of the song will have either sped up or slowed down!
I quit cubase and start it again with same project and tempo is back to normal.
This happens on every project i work on.

Cubase 10.5 pro
Windows 10


Does it also change the pitch? Just any idea of Cubase’s sample rate doesn’t match with Audio Device’s sample rate.

Pitch of the audio tracks does change yes.


Then I would guess there is the Sample Rate mismatch.

Why does it correct itself after a restart?


I don’t know. Probably Cubase overtakes the sample rate then…?

Projects are set to 44khz In project setup, Interface is 44khz I can’t work out why It’s doing it?


Interesting… No idea… But the symptoms sound as a Sample Rate mismatch to me.