strange text in ISRC field. can't get rid of it

i made a montage today and added some client-supplied wave files. when i executed my preset in the CD WIZARD the ISRC column got filled with some sort of code. even though i didn’t enter or have checked ISRC codes.

now i’m getting errors when i try to do various things (like export PQ sheets)

i also can’t erase these codes from the ISRC field/column.

looks like this:
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.56.30 AM.png

I don’t know why you got that. But can’t you double click on the text label and erase them?

no, if i double click and erase, it just pops back in.

this has never happened before. .and i’ve created countless montages.

i DID get it to go away by requesting ISRC codes from the client and putting them in with the CD wizard. the proper codes overwrote that “code” and it’s fine now…

but still don’t know why and where that mess came from… and why it couldn’t be deleted…

What OS are you on?

I’ve noticed a difference between using the backspace, delete, return, enter, ctrl-a keys when removing ISRCs, but I can’t remember which work and which don’t. But the combinations that don’t work exhibit the behavior you’re talking about - the ISRC just pops back in.

I think backspace all the way through, then enter works, but I’m not sure.

Same here. If I press ENTER after the ISRC field is cleared, the code comes back. If I press RETURN after the field is cleared then it remains empty. Kind of strange but I guess I’m used to it.

Thanks Justin. Yes, that’s what it is on Windows too. The ENTER key on the number pad.