Strange thing with 10.0.10 - all audio and sounds stop playing back

This happens after a while, usually 15 or 20 minutes of playing or recording: All audio and sounds stop playing. No mixer audio meters show any activity at all (it’s like a ghost town - really weird), and the CPU level goes all the way to zero. Resetting the interface doesn’t help – only re-starting Cubase does (which takes a frustratingly long time with C10 and Mojave – gotta fix that, Steinberg, doesn’t happen with other DAWs on the same computer). There is no crash - everything works just as before except that no audio is showing up anywhere visually or sonically when I hit play

I have no clue as to what’s happening, only that it didn’t in the previous version of 10. Anyone have any idea or experience the same thing? It doesn’t happen on all projects, but again all projects worked fine on the previous version of 10, and to go through and see what the differences are would be impossible for me time-wise (these sessions have up to 500 tracks and gigantic amounts of plug-ins and VSTi’s).


Isn’t there any plug-in in demo/Trial mode?

Like Martin said… I had this issue a while ago (not in Cubase 10) and the issue was a plugin.
Try to remove plugins from the stereo out bus.

No, but the exact same session doesn’t have this issue in 10.0.05. Not sure what’s going on, will stay on 10.0.5 for the sessions that this happens on.

Had this happen yesterday - just the once after a few hours use.

I’m having something very similar. The longer Cubase runs, the slower it gets, until it’s unusable. Meters stop animating. Pressing spacebar will take 5-10 seconds to start transport. Pressing again and it might take 30s to stop. All GUI access is slow, like menus, etc. Only restarting the app will fix it.

Interestingly, I get the exact same behavior with Nuendo 8.whatever the latest is on this machine.

And you might think it’s RAM, but this machine has 128Gb of it!

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. I’ve tried switching audio drivers, turning off everything I can think of, etc. This will even happen if you just launch Cubase and let it sit for 30 minutes without doing anything. Press spacebar and wait…


  • Jason


This sounds like a memory lake.