Strange things since updating to cubase 12 windows 11

i am not accusing steinburg for anything but i need some expert help.
Since updating to Cubase 11 when starting my computer, just before desktop appears i get a black screen for two to three seconds and then Windows 12 desktop appears and all is ok after that.
i hear reports that any black screen is problems , but i do not get any sfter dektop appears . I use Nvida 1030 graphics and i do not know whether the last update might be causing anything.
Before updating to cubase 12 everything going past welcome screen to desktop smooth and no quick on and off black screen.

Also i have noticed unknown device in device manager and cannot get rid of it even after unsinstalling it. Something to do with not having asmedia root hub drivers.
In Win 11 i have 3.0 and 3.1 USB root hub drivers , so why do i need ASmedia roothub drivers.
I know all of this may be a little off the subject , but can anyone reasure me .
Things seem to work ok at the moment.
This just niggles me because it my upset something else as sods law always gets us.

Any help appreciated
All the Best

where is my topic

You just replied to it.

I just hate sarcastic remarks
Can you try and help ,it would be more useful.
I could not find this post in the Cubase 12 column
All of what i said is related and some others may be experiencing what i am

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I also noticed today preaty long welcome screen in W11. Circle rotate about 4 time. Normally it was 1 second, now 4-5 seconds…
You think it is Cubase??

I do not know as this is first time i noticed.
After the two to three seconds have passed all is ok
Also i have noticed since update that i have two ASMEDIA root_Hub drivers missing and i cannot do anything about it as the drivers are now missing. ( I thought that these were for win 10).
Why do i need as ASmedia drivers when we got As media drivers 3.0 and 3.01
This all baffles me as all USB’s work ok. just that annoying unknown device in Device manager.
Believe me ,i have tried all avenues here. It may be a Win 11 problem though, as i have all updates and i have another same update on the win update page (duplicate) and the update button does not work anyway . So i do not know what is going on there .
I bring this up as something in the future down the line may give me the hump!!

All the best

Sorry Steve Heat of the moment