Strange time-signature update / bar behaviour

Hi there

Has anyone else had issues with bars retaining their original time signature duration after the time signature has been updated?

I have had a few cases where I have a bar in 7/8 for example, then I update it by clicking on the time signature and changing it to 9/8, but there are still only 7 8ths available in the bar.

Insert mode is not engaged when this has happened.
The padlock is not engaged.

Is there a special function that I might accidentally have left on?

It seems a very odd thing for the programme to do, and a function that is not desirable to happen seemingly randomly or too easily. If it is a bi-product of several functions engaged it would be really good to know how to avoid it.

Any help would be very welcome



The problem is that you haven’t engaged Insert mode: when you add a time signature, if Insert mode is switched on, then Dorico will make sure that you have a complete bar before the next time signature change. So if you have a 7/8 time signature, and in the next bar you already have e.g. a 3/4 time signature, when you change 7/8 to 9/8, the 7/8 bar will stay the same length unless Insert mode is switched on.