strange, un-deletable, ISRC data

just posted this in the WL 9 forum, didn’t realize there was a dedicated 10… so reposting here, since it’s a 10 issue:

i made a new montage and CD layout and the ISRC fields autofilled themselves with bogus data that i can’t delete.

this project has no ISRC codes, so i want the fields to be blank, which i do all the time in WL 9… but i can’t delete the letters and numbers… they just pop back in.

the mounting bugs in WL 10 is frustrating, i regret the jobs i started using it on and basically have to do over…

anyone know how to get rid of this data in the ISRC fields?

screenshot attached.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 8.59.18 AM.png

I’m not at a computer but I know the bug you speak of.

I think after clearing the codes you need to press the RETURN (not enter) key to lock in the change.

I can provide more info when at a computer.

that worked! thanks, justin… and i finally found my old post when i had the same problem before… wonder why it happens…

anyway… cleared… and hopefully it’ll be a squashed bug some year…

Cool, glad it worked. I was going by memory of my muscle memory as I wasn’t a computer, but I do know that for whatever reason, deleting ISRCs can be tricky, but that was true in 9.5. If not done right, the digits come back.