Strange Velocity issue, Can someone help?


I have a midi drum track I am having a strange issue with.

I am trying to bring up the overall velocity of the track and I can do this with the in the midi edit > scale velocity option above the velocity at the bottom. Most hits are around 85-115 in dynamics after I change it here.

But if I leave this as it was originally done and use the midi modifier > Random Velocity and set the range from 85-115 the hits are way harder sounding. You can tell the drums midi data is being sent and its triggering the sound alot harder. How can this be when technically they are playing the same ranges?

Thanks for any help.

I think I just noticed a flaw in my issue, the random velocity values are not what I thought they were unless I am wrong again.

It goes from -127 to 127. So is 85-115 actually randomize all notes to between 85 and 115?


No ideas or help?

I am trying to help but I have read your posts a couple times and I am not exactly certain what you have and what you are trying to achieve. I have read in the manual about the MIDI modifiers and find it a little confusing. Have you carefully read the description of the MIDI modifier operations? I am wondering if the random modifer ADDS the random value to the recorded velocity.


Yes I have read about the modifiers. It doesnt explain at all what the -127 to 127 value actually does and how it processes the sound. I think this is the issue mainly, if this was explain more then it might solve my issue.