Strange vertical text placement for Clock Source when using RME driver

Hey there guys, this is a minor one but still worth reporting in my opinion.

I recently bought an RME Babyface Pro FS and noticed that the word “Settings” doesn’t appear centered when using the RME driver:

This is not a problem with other drivers on my system.

Is this a Cubase issue or an RME one? Can it be corrected for a future release?

Thanks heaps

It shows perfectly for me - but is it really a problem with the performance or just a glitch on the graphics :)?

If you haven’t already done so, try updating your graphics driver. If you still have it after, try toggling to another setting/resolution then toggling back to see if it corrects.

Thanks for the replies guys. It’s just purely a graphical issue only. I am running the latest graphics drivers and just tested a few screen resolutions with the same issue appearing.

As mentioned, this only seems to happen when I select the ASIO Fireface USB driver. When I switch to say, the Generic ASIO driver. everything looks right.


I don’t know then. Just have to live with it. I have an RME FF 800 and I don’t have that issue.

Ah that’s fair enough, thanks for the reply. Does anyone else see this issue with an RME interface on PC with Cubase 11.0.20?

For the record, I’m on a PC with Cubase Pro 11.0.20, too.

Thanks heaps, that is strange indeed.

I am on pc, 11.0.20,win10 20h2,Fireface UFX and don’t have this problem.

Thanks so much for chiming in with your experiences, very odd that I’m the only one seeing this!