Strange Volume/Track Issue

I’m using Cubase version 8.0.30. 64-bit on Windows 10.

I have noticed many times while adjusting the volume in the Inspector on the Arrangement window, that all of a sudden it will shift me to a different track (it highlights and selects a new track) and either adjusts the volume all the way up, or all the way down on that newly selected track. It’s not a mouse issue, as I’ve tried multiple mice with the same results.

Obviously, this is a serious problem, as it changes the set volume values of tracks that have already been adjusted to their correct levels and I have to reset their values. Super inconvenient.

I haven’t noticed the behavior when adjusting volumes from the mixer window.

Has anyone else experienced this, or found a fix?

Here’s a video of what happens


as I can see, you are using any HW MIDI COntroller. What kind of controller is it? Do you have the same behaviour, if the JW Controller is not connected?