Strange wave form problem

In one project of mine, in the Project Editor the waveforms in my events all look like they’re clipping.

I didn’t record them at a clipped level, and when I open up the Sample Editor, it show they are not clipped.

When I zoom out or zoom in, the wave form still goes to the top and bottom of the event.

Can someone explain what is happening? I want to be able to see the peaks of the events so that I can automate them

Thanks for anybody who helps :smiley:


There is a slider at the top right of the project window …hit the - sign on that a few times.

Thanks you JMCecil!

Is there a way to make sure that the view I want from this slider is set as a default when I open a project?

I don’t think so, but each project starts with it at what is typically a normalized view.