Strange white noise appears in playback

I have just encountered a strange problem - white noise appears halfway through bar 9 of a piece I am developing and continues until the end of bar 13. The noise is there even if I solo an instrument that has nothing playing at that point. It only appears to happen on this one file - where I am using Halion 6 and The Grand 3 as VST’s. If I delete these VST’s and use only Halion Sonic SE, the problem disappears - is there a known conflict with using Halion 6 and The Grand at the same time, or is there something I am missing in how I need to set the sounds up?

Is it possible that you share that file with me? Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.
And what exact versions of HALion and The Grand are you using? I just had a customer with problems during export. Turned out that it was related to The Grand and when he upgraded to the latest 3.2 the problem went away.
And could you also please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and send me the corresponding zip file. Thanks

Dear Ulf - thanks very much for your quick response. I will be back in my studio first thing in the morning and will send you the files then. Thanks again, Chris