Strange workflow inserting accidentals (with a workaround)

I found that if I try to insert one note with an accidental, lets say “A#”, it doesn’t works always.

Steps to reproduce:

1.- In Write mode , click “esc” so there isn’t any note selected and the caret is not visible
2.- Click in the Crotchet in the left panel (or press 6)
3.- Click in the Sharp symbol in the left panel
4.- Now, when the mouse is over the score, the grey note and the small orange rule appears, but if click in the note A, it doesn’t writes A#, it writes A

As I read in the documentation, “You must specify the duration, accidentals, and articulations before specifying the pitch”, but it seems that it is also necessary to click in the score before doing that. I’m not too worried about this as I only need to click first in the desired place in the score, but this seems more a bug than a feature, I don’t get why it should write A instead of A#.

(Same happens with the accidentals)

It seems that we’re going to flood you guys with messages (some of them from angry customers!) Don’t take it personally, we all are willing to use Dorico (so many time waiting for it!) and it is very frustrating to watch this kind of issues. As a developer myself I bet that you was suffering enormous pressure from management to release (no pun intended Daniel!), so I understand the problems. But anyway, we all want this product to be HUGE, and we want all the bugs fixed nowwwww (or one week ago!, you know…).

cheers and thanks for this probably-very-soon amazing product! :wink:

Does it work if the caret is visible though?

The case you describe should work as well of course, I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

Yep, if the caret is visible it works.

Thank you!

Good to know. I’d encourage you to also try using the key commands for note input too, that’ll be much faster and more efficient once you get used to them. An overview can be found as you go to Preferences, Key Commands, Print key commands.

Was you able to reproduce this in your lab?

I can certainly reproduce the problem. I will email Stefan and remind him to take a look at this (he’s our note input/editing expert).

As a workaround for now, make sure the caret is visible before you input the first note (select the note or rest where you want to start inputting and hit Return). Then the accidentals will appear correctly during mouse note input. (The problem I think only affects starting note input with a note with an accidental when the caret is not already visible.)