Strange writings appearing in my mixer..

Please see attached pic…I didn’t write this, I wrote some other info that has disappeared…

any clues out there please?

Kevin :slight_smile:


What was the original track? Any notes on the notepad of the original or any other data perhaps embedded in the original track somehow? I’ve never seen this or anything like this, but more experienced users may have. :astonished:

Actually looked at in more detail and it’s quite strange…the info I originally noted on a bass track has moved to 2 guitar tracks and the writing that is in the pic is on a midi track that has never been rendered…also got some Chinese (I think) appearing…suddenly… :astonished: see pic :slight_smile:
glad I’m not a power user…there must be so much wrong with this software…weaning myself off it and moving over to Mixbus 3…slowly… :laughing:
info from the original track is no more…it’s deceased. :confused:

best, Kevin
What again!.jpg

Thats an old issue, I reported it when Cubase 8 first came out. I guess it’s not high on the list of things to fix.
It happens if you have track-notes and do a Render In Place. Can’t remember if it is the original track or the RIP track that is affected, I have been using pen and paper since I discovered the aheem BUG.

Oh, thanks for the info, I reckon they’re too busy working on some more bloat to actually fix what we’ve already paid for… :unamused:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile: