Strangest problem ever???

Hi when I opened songs in C10, I had a weird problem that I thought would go away with C10.5 but it didn’t. When I start a song (I’ll say it’s 100 bars long for this example) at bar 1, the follow line shows the proper movement from bar 1-2-3 etc, but the audio starts playing around bar 75. 25 bars later, the song ends at bar 100, but the pointer now shows it’s following along at bar 25. Then, at bar 26, the audio starts playing the beginning of the song at bar one, but the follower moves through bar 27-28, etc. This only happened when I upgraded from C6 to c10, and still happens in c10.5. ALSO, the audio only works if I have the loop mode selected. As soon as I turn off the loop, all audio dies, as well as all the meters on individual tracks and stereo out. PS. I’m a former PC pro, and I built my PC from scratch with all top of the line equipment. Asus prime MB, 10-core CPU, 128 GB ram, quad monitor GPU, 3 1TB drives in a RAID5 array. The PC is a screaming machine, but cubase is crap so far (I have other bugs as well, but this is my biggest one). I emailed Steinberg support with no response. Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thanks Martin, I will try that later today.