Strategies for maintaining different cuts of the same song

Hi everyone, I use Cubase Artist 12 for my song recording. Recently I had a song in the vicinity of 6 minutes and I wanted to make a “single cut” closer to 4 minutes, by chopping out a verse and a chorus and layering the vocals from one verse over the instruments from the chopped-out verse.

That’s all easy with track editing tools, but then when I save the new cut as a project, it lives a separate life to the longer cut. A “hard fork”, in software parlance.

Can anyone share their strategies for maintaining multiple cuts of the same song, keeping stems up to date in the different versions, in the vein of a “soft fork”?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can use the Arranger track.

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Thanks Martin, I hadn’t noticed that feature; it looks very promising.

Another approach would be to use Track Versions. - with different versions for the long & short edits. You can use the Version ID numbers to synchronize the Tracks so one ID brings up the short version on all the Tracks and a different ID for the long one.

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