Stravinsky Rite of Spring - errata

In a separate thread, @MiloDC asked about a list of errata in the Dorico version of the Rite. Here is an incomplete list - I hadn’t thought of keeping track of mistakes earlier, sorry! I’m updating the google drive version as I find more mistakes, so these errata are all fixed there. As I (or others) find more mistakes I’ll post them here too.

Part I:

Part II:

part 1
one bar after rehearsal 5, oboe 1 should play E#, not E natural
bars 40, 41, 43: piccolo 2 quintuplet tremolos should have just one slash, not 2.
bar 56: oboe 1 trill should be ascending, not descending

part 2
bar 8: first note in flute 3 should be F flat
bar 18: third 8th note in oboe 2 should be C flat
the 11/4 bar before “Naming and Honoring of the Chosen One”: timpani piccolo needs a quarter note E on beat 2


Thanks, Stephen! Easier for me to duplicate your fixes than to load a new score and set up my playback again.

Also, I’m in the process of entering the first movement of Schönberg’s Fünf Orchesterstücke into Dorico, which has given me a new appreciation for the amount of work you put into transcribing Stravinsky’s masterpiece. You have my considerable admiration for doing that.


Lengthy elderly thread.
Adding to the list of items not surviving the translation to Dorico 4.1.10 are the 3 tremolo slashes on 10 string staves at 101 in Part II Mystic Circle of the Young Girls.
Hopefully others can confirm.
It is an easy fix, but very concerning if we need to check every tiny detail in every updated Dorico file dating to version 1.0.
Thanks again Maestro Taylor for sharing your many hours of work.

Thanks for catching this - I just checked the Google Drive version from April 2021 and opened it in Dorico 3.5. The tremolo lines were not there either, and I suspect this is yet another copying mistake.

So my fault, not Dorico’s - thanks again for spotting it!


My apologies to the entire Dorico team for suggesting this was a Dorico issue!

It seemed likely since it hadn’t been reported spanning many months with many very good and knowledgeable people enjoying your challenging and excellent notation-work.

Fortunately an easy fix.

I use these few Stravinsky bars with my more advanced orchestration students as an example of effective extensive string divisi including natural and artificial harmonics plus tremolos.

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