Stravinsky Rite of Spring - errata

In a separate thread, @MiloDC asked about a list of errata in the Dorico version of the Rite. Here is an incomplete list - I hadn’t thought of keeping track of mistakes earlier, sorry! I’m updating the google drive version as I find more mistakes, so these errata are all fixed there. As I (or others) find more mistakes I’ll post them here too.

Part I:

Part II:

part 1
one bar after rehearsal 5, oboe 1 should play E#, not E natural
bars 40, 41, 43: piccolo 2 quintuplet tremolos should have just one slash, not 2.
bar 56: oboe 1 trill should be ascending, not descending

part 2
bar 8: first note in flute 3 should be F flat
bar 18: third 8th note in oboe 2 should be C flat
the 11/4 bar before “Naming and Honoring of the Chosen One”: timpani piccolo needs a quarter note E on beat 2


Thanks, Stephen! Easier for me to duplicate your fixes than to load a new score and set up my playback again.

Also, I’m in the process of entering the first movement of Schönberg’s Fünf Orchesterstücke into Dorico, which has given me a new appreciation for the amount of work you put into transcribing Stravinsky’s masterpiece. You have my considerable admiration for doing that.