Stream Deck autorisation 4.3

Since 4.3 update, each time Dorico is launch it ask for Stream Deck autorisation.
No matter if the box is checked, I have to give autorisation at each launch.

This has been reported in this thread:

I think this might represent a change in the behaviour of the Stream Deck software rather than in Dorico. Have you recently updated the Stream Deck software?

Indeed, I updated both Dorico and Stream Deck at the same time…

I wonder whether it’s possible to roll back to the previous version of the Stream Deck software, to verify that the previous version works as it used to?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I’m on Win10.
I’ll try a rollback for test purpose, but I will need the latest SDeck version that support StreamDeck + in a very near future anyways…

If the problem is in the Stream Deck software, as I think it probably is, you’ll need to contact their support to get this bug onto their radar. I’m afraid I don’t have any contacts at Elgato.