Stream Deck macro keypad

Hi Leif. If you (or anyone else) could say what functions you’d find most useful I’d consider making a supplemental set. I already have one for Sibelius that I make available to Sibelius users. Although I must say Dan’s are very lovely!

Lol, Freudian slip.

I’ve discovered you can access icon files (e.g. in order to modify them) from a stream deck profile with 7-zip (on Windows)
So you open the profile file with it … then in 7-Zip File Manager window select View->Flat View. Then select all image files and extract them somewhere and just choose auto-rename when a dialog appears.

By the way, has anyone heard about the Stream Deck XL? Apparently it’s 32 buttons (8x4) and about $300. I can’t find any purchasing info online, but someone said they purchased it at Best Buy in Texas.

Nothing mentioned on their website. Maybe he was talking about an X-Keys

There’s this…

is this better than having 2 of them ? (i don’t have one, just curious)

I would certainly trade in my two smaller ones for something like this. Stream Deck isn’t a very mobile prospect anyways. And I like the idea of being able to lay out a larger keyboard with only one USB device.

But point taken that it isn’t necessarily better than two smaller ones in many cases.

I must say I strongly disagree with you : when I’m not home, I’m not taking a little MIDI keyboard, but I’m always taking my stream deck with me, I can even use it (at it has great success around) in the train when I’m working on scores during the travels :wink:

Welp, here it is!

Stream Deck XL is available from on 11 June. I was considering buying the 5x3 Stream Deck, but will wait for Stream Deck XL as the larger number of keys will be useful for my uses (Dorico, also Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Cloud applications). The caption of one of the Amazon pictures says, in French(!), that it has a removable cable, which appears to be USB-C at the Stream Deck end. It has a removable non-folding stand that attaches with magnets. The unit itself is slightly tilted and the cable slot is recessed, so you can use it without the stand.

There is more detail in this YouTube video. The presenter mentions that the XL has higher resolution displays in the keys, which suggests graphics might need to be reworked.

I wonder if Stream Deck XL works with 5x3 Stream Deck profiles until such time as profiles are updated for the 8x4 layout.

This is the product I have been waiting for. I had considered buying a programmable keypad for my desk in the past, but decided the relative inflexibility even with the use of AutoHotKey didn’t justify the cost. I toyed with the original Stream Deck, but 5x3 was really too small. 8x4 seems perfect for my uses.

Excellent - those extra buttons are really going to make things a lot easier. I find myself wondering whether this road doesn’t ultimately lead to a Stream Deck keyboard…

It’s a fair bit of money so before I dig deep into my wallet, have any users come experienced non-software faults with the Stream Deck? Keys sticking, not responding etc. Personally I haven’t.

At last, the personal computing industry has caught up with what was available on mainframe graphics terminals back in the 1960s!

Except back then, the buttons were mechanical, and the “icons” were hand drawn on piece of card that slotted over the array of buttons - but it worked exactly the same way.

Touch sensitive screen and “stream deck” on the left of the terminal, 1969 vintage:

Seriously though, it was a good user interface idea back then, and it still is.

This German language video on Stream Deck XL shows a 5x3 profile being copied for use on Stream Deck XL - the bottom row and right three columns of keys are blank.

David Tee - there have been entire keyboards with OLED screens in the keys, notably including the Optimus products. I think many of the Optimus products didn’t go beyond the concept stage, but a version of Optimus Maximus did. It was horrendously expensive (over £1000) and the technology of the time really wasn’t up to the task - OLED screens have a limited life and can suffer burn-in, which was a particular problem for a keyboard that spent so much of its time showing static images. Reviewers complained of ergonomic issues with typing on flat glossy keytops and I believe there were key spacing issues with Optimus Maximus as well. As I recall it, the keys were slightly wider spaced than on a conventional full size keyboard, causing muscle memory and hand fatigue issues for touch typists. A touch typist will hold their fingers over the home keys and will often have their keyboard placed close to them at an angle where it is uncomfortably far down to look at the keys.

Were Optimus Maximus built today, it would undoubtedly be able to leverage improvements in the underlying technologies. However, my personal view is that macro / smart launching with interactive legends is better done by a Stream Deck (or perhaps Apple Touchbar - though that lacks the tactile feedback of button edges) like adjunct to a keyboard, not a replacement keyboard. A lot of the clever functionality of Stream Deck would be difficult to implement if the interactive buttons and keys of the keyboard were one and the same - how do you overload two functions sensibly onto the same buttons? I have not seen any hints that a new Optimus Maximus type product is going to be released, but maybe others have seen something.

Thanks David W and Rob - fascinating.

I use it constantly and have never had an issue. It is really quite well built.

One thing that you do need to take into consideration is that you can’t fly as quickly through keypresses as you do on a regular computer keyboard. There’s a slight delay as it processes. Not an issue if you’re using it for macros, but it couldn’t yet replace your keyboard entirely.

I’m ticked because I just bought my stream deck 2 weeks ago. I would have waited and bought the XL had I known. arg. I’m tempted to buy it anyway although my wife would probably be ticked. Frankly, I’m finding it to be useful for so much more beyond Dorico… setting favorite shortcuts for each app that I use is a real time saver.

You might be able to sell it here and recoup a hundred bucks.

I guess I shouldn’t be too ticked; amazon says it might not ship for up to 3 more months.

I might end up taking the smaller one home and using the larger one at my office.

Back in 1964 when the IBM terminal in my previous post was launched, the price tag was about $280,000 (say $2m in today’s money) :smiley:

I used one of those in the 1970s - though it was a slightly different design. Instead of the 8x4 button layout, it had a 6x6 array with the four corners missing, to give the 32 buttons.