Stream Deck macro keypad

I’ve asked Elgato about a 32 buttoned iPad app. They (sort of) said they were looking at it. I quite like the massive iPad buttons anyway.

I like sub-menus very much. They tidy up everything for me. I even have left some empty buttons on my main 32-button-panel cause I prefer working with sub-folders which are arranged in alphabetical order.

But I do think that MetaGrid is really a nice app. And 29euros is a reasonable price.
I also think one could design an interface with Lemur - I’m using it since a long time as remote control for Max/MSP.
Unfortunately the guys from Liine don’t seem to continue their great great work.

Ahem. Notation Express XL is out, and (aside from all the stuff you know and love, now much better arranged), there’s a whole heap of stuff that’s been manually added to the underlying keyboard shortcuts.
For example:
Jazz Articulations
Mute/Unmute properties
Hide/Show stems
Cue-sized stuff
Ornaments (all of them!)
not to mention Time Signatures, Key Signatures etc. etc.
See for details.

I actually stopped using the app after a while, I felt it slowed me done more that it helped me. I like he colors though :blush:.

Andre, I have to admit, 15 keys (14 usable) was frustrating for me - you just don’t get enough on each screen, meaning constantly switching between folders. 31 usable keys makes a real difference - I’ve actively been using the XL for note input and modification for a few weeks now.

Yes, I’m exactly the same, Leo. The XL did it for me.

One publisher has some particular requirements, so I’ve set up a profile just for them. I have a whole bunch of shortcuts assigned to various combinations of Ctrl, Alt, Shift, numbers, and function keys… far too many to keep track of. Pair that with JSON hacks, and it’s truly a significant time-saver.

Leo has outdone himself here on the XL! The Noteheads folder is quite a feat :slight_smile: Well done!

I second (or third) the sentiment on the XL. The XL has helped me tackle Dorico much more quickly than I could otherwise hope to do and improved my speed in Sibelius as well. I’m a little scared to be without it now!

Yes… The XL made a world of difference for me too.

Well, it looks like I’m going to spend some 250+€ any time soon :wink:

Hey Leo,
i bought the 29$ version some weeks ago - how can I update to the XL version? I tried a lot but didn’t succeed.
Or do i have to buy a whole new version for having the XL - Profile?

Dear Peer,
As I understand the mail you should have received, you should ask Philip for the crossgrade and he’ll get back to you (by mail). There’s no automatic crossgrade through the site (yet).

Ah ok. I got it.
Thanx Marc.

Hi Peer! (And thanks Marc) You have mail. Thanks for your patience! It’s a manual process as I have to look up your order and send you an individual discount code.

Hey Andre,
I fully understand you, but I think if you build up the Stream Deck in a way which works smooth and logical for you it can be of great help and saves a lot of time.
Here is my Stream Deck XL:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-08 um 13.49.25.png

  • The grey squares are the ‘main’ groups/folders in alphabetical order
  • The yellows at the right side are my playing techniques for my spitfire plugIns
  • The white ones are Expression Map, Playing Techniques and Percussion Map…those 3 I need very often
  • and the rest are some things I need regularly

within the groups I only keep the most important things and try to build them up in the way I handle ‘structures’ in my head: this is for example my ‘dynamics’ folder:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-08 um 13.54.09.png

  • everything with a ‘p’ in the first row
  • everything with a ‘f’ in the second row
  • accents in the third row
  • linking and grouping stuff in the fourth row
  • and all graphical stuff on the right hand side

Maybe it helps you a bit or gives you some new ideas.

The profile I use the most has no folders at all. Just the 15 most useful shortcuts or macros.

Hey Peer, that’s a really cool customization! Nice to see Notation Express out in the wild being used that way.

Thanx Philip…You and Leo did a great job with Notation Express! I think using Stream Deck and Notation Express really differs a lot on what somebody is working on…if I’d only write for jazz-quartet I’d have a completely other set-up. Working with string-plugIns and the necessity of a new playing technique for each articulation, makes the Stream Deck very useful !

Hi Tim,
I use your German Version of Notation Express for Dorico. Thank’s a lot! Reading the comments on Stream Deck XL, I’m thinking about buying one as well. Are you planning to create a German Version of Notation Express XL as well?


Tim, if you’re planning on adapting the revised JSON for German shortcuts, do let me know - I can send you a marked up copy of the JSON, labelled to show the additions. These mostly apply to noteheads, Jazz articulations and ornaments. With any luck you’ll then have a much quicker job adding to your existing JSON rather than having to start again from scratch with the new English one.

For that matter, if it’s a “no” from Tim, I’m happy to liaise with you, Heiko :slight_smile:

Keyboard Maestro, just released yesterday, includes support for Stream Deck via a KM plug-in. So you can trigger KM macros via a USB device key and then have Keyboard Maestro report back to the Stream Deck to show visual alerts. Interesting…