Stream Deck macro keypad

Does Elgato have a Stream Deck manual one can download prior to purchasing it?
From prior posts it would appear not.

As far as I can tell there’s no manual whatsoever, even after you’ve bought it. The closest thing, really, is the SDK documentation here.

Thank you, Leo.

You don’t really need a manual. It’s very… “intuitive.” :laughing:

How do I create the back button?

Do you mean the command to go up a folder level?


You shouldn’t need to create it; it’s there automatically when you add a folder and then click into that folder.

Ah ok. I think I made a thinking mistake here. I created a profile showing apps to launch. After having clicked one of them I would like to get back to that screen, but I probably should do this differently.

The other option is to create a home icon and dot it around your profiles. That said, at least on my machine, whenever I override what would display by default, then it wont go back to automatic switching of profiles until I restart the computer. (This peeves me quite a bit.)

I mostly use a home icon rather than back icons, to escape the sense of having to dig back out of a file structure. Most folders have multiple other profile icons. My route to the task-specific folders is the empty slot in NE’s Clefs and Octaves folder.

Stream Deck Mobile is now on Android! We got no advance news of this so learning of this just now.

Also, Siri Shortcuts on iOS. This is just plain fun :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused by the web page. (1) It doesn’t actually say if it interfaces with Windows (actually, it doesn’t say it interfaces with anything in particular!) and (2) “payment is via your Apple Account” - on Android? (3) “Installs Effortlessly:
Select your iPhone” … Huh???

Some copy-editing required IMO.

After having used the Stream Deck now for a while I have to humbly admit that it’s a huge time saver, not only with Dorico, but when used with no matter which app. I’m adding more and more profiles to it for every app I use and my workflow is much improved. Mainly because i have added only the menu items to it that i really use daily.

my stream deck doesn’t automatically switch to the dorico profile. - Well, for a split second, it does (I can see “Dorico” buttons) but then it goes straight to the default profile… As if dorico3.exe selected here:

is loosing focus (it is not - I can select notes / do stuff…]

Has anyone experienced this?

(I can work in dorico with the Stream deck window open with dorico profile selected, but I’d really like automatic switching to work)

that’s the culprit: (Found with a bit of smartphone video recording :slight_smile:)

it pop-popups very briefly… quite enough to mess up the stream deck

if I change it to another device (Creative Sound Blaster ASIO in my case)
then stream deck profile switching works.

Glad to hear it hpta. Also, it should be noted (somewhat counter-intuitively) that in order for application switching to work, the Stream Deck desktop app window must be closed (but still running in the background, of course).

in order for application switching to work, the Stream Deck desktop app window must be closed

I know about that. I wish the Stream deck allowed its window to be opened with automatic app switching still working (I use SD for many apps) Then adding/modifying tiles “on the fly” would be so much more convenient.