Stream Deck macro keypad

Well it’s quite a hassle for me - I feel the need for opening the SD app window prevents me from customizing my SD more.
So that’s what I’m trying out now:

default profile top-left corner:

the first invokes SD window, the second closes it

all other profiles’ top-left corner:

switches to the default profile

I’m enclosing a 7z file with icons and simple autohotkey scripts if anyone’s interested. (note i’m using ahk version 2)
SDicons_akhs.7z (75.4 KB)

Just bought an XL and upgraded Notation Express. Nicely done, Leo!

Oh! Thanks Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks, @dankreider for the icons!

Is it possible to make a Multi-Action out of a normal Hotkey AND keeping the hotkey picture designed by you guys for the multi-action key?

Hi, I’have written a guide about how to transfer your SD settings to another PC and streamdeck (home / office setup)
If you’ve created complicated setups with a lot of profile switching, it might be worth a look.

This thread has been around for a while.
I’m still interested in seeing how folks have set up their Stream Deck.
This is my main menu for note entry allowing me to keep left hand on SD and right hand on piano keyboard. The triplet and slur and grace are toggles on/off.

Here’s mine these days. I use this probably 6 hours a day!



Interesting, you have a ruler! Is that a function in Dorico or is it external?

Just launches an external program.

Hi dorico-streamdeckers,
Would one of you know if it’s possible to use a Stream Deck to control another one?
I was thinking of getting a second one to serve as a main menu for my current deck to limite the go in between different levels. So basically, pressing button “x” on deck 1 would call up a linked page on deck 2.
Somebody tried something like that?
(sorry, if that was already talked about, but there are 430 posts in that thread!)

Hi Queb.
I haven’t tried it yet, but I think this has been possible for a while now, in one of the stream deck’s program update.
[Edit] in 4.4 :

Ouhhhh! Que du plaisir en perspective! Merci Marc

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Not sure if I has been noticed before, in any case, thought I should show it.
I just realised that some of the “multi-action” commands or AHK commands can be bypassed using just keycommands.json and the proper Dorico commands. For example:


Adds directly a downbow technique, without the popover appearing. Or this one:


To add a note with an interval.

These can be added directly to keycommands.json with the usual:

“NoteInput.CreateBarLine?Definition=|&UseLocalOverride=0” : [ “Alt+F3” ]

Just in case someone didn’t knew and wants to make some commands a bit quicker.

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Yes, demonstrated here:

Thanks, didn’t notice that