Stream deck Notion Express accident..

I have Notion express for Dorico. I accidentally deleted the System break shortcut and the icon is gone.
I know the shortcut but how to get the icon back ?
I would like not to copy the whole “keycommands_en.json” file since I’ve made a lot of other changes that I’d like to keep.

Reimport the Notation Express set (it’ll be in the pack you originally downloaded, I believe). It’ll show up as another profile; probably Notation Express for Dorico 2 or Notation Express for Dorico Copy. Then go into that profile, find the System Break button, type Ctrl+C. Go back to your main Dorico profile, find the space where you want the button to go, select and type Ctrl+V.
You can then adjust the System Break shortcut if necessary, and delete the surplus profile from the list.

It worked! Thank’s pianoleo - you are a true guru :slight_smile:

I did devise Notation Express for Dorico :wink:

ohh - I didn’t know that. Great work :slight_smile:
Here’s another question:
I want the system break button to switch from write mode to engrave mode, do s and then go back to write mode, - so I need to make it a multiaction key.
But if I use “move to multiaction” the icon is lost again… :frowning:

I’m assuming you want both System Break and Frame Break to work as multis. Let me know if there are any others you need, and (assuming it’s just a few) I’ll make the icons available to you.

Wow… - thank’s :smiley:
I haven’t thought carefully about it but Make into System and Frame Break would be nice.
Maybe there are others… - I presume you can’t make a file with all the icons for copyright reasons ?

The icons are half the work, and they’re the half of the work that’s Philip’s, not mine! I’ll PM you those two icons in a minute.

On a side note: I’ve recently bought Stream Deck and the Notation Express, which are wonderful, BUT I can’t seem to make them work within Dorico. The Stream Deck will show all the icons and it works properly, but it seems that all the information is not plugged into Dorico accordingly, because clicking on any of the buttons won’t do anything at all… Help?

P.S. Never mind! I’ve just realised that, having set up and personalised some key commands, that the key commands inserted into the Notation Express wasn’t working (because I had overridden them, obviously). So now, should I reset all my key commands in Dorico or should I edit the key commands set up in the Notation Express profile in Stream Deck?

Have you run the installer, as well as loading the Stream Deck Profile? The installer should ensure that the key commands file goes into the right place. You should run the installer with Dorico closed.

Thanks, Leo! You’re fast as lightning! I’ve updated my earlier post, and I’ve found that I had personalised a lot of key commands in Dorico (guilty!) and now I’m considering resetting that or updating the Notation Express profile in my Stream Deck. Any thoughts?

There are 169 custom keyboard shortcuts in the current version of Notation Express for Dorico, including 42 that can’t be added from Dorico’s own Preferences dialog.

On the assumption that that’s more than you’ve defined, my suggestion would be that you copy the existing keycommands JSON file somewhere safe (it’s in %appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 on Windows or /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg on Mac), then run the Stream Deck installer, then compare and contrast. It might be easiest to do nothing at all besides keeping your existing file safe, until such time as you try one of your own keyboard shortcuts and find that it doesn’t work. At that point, go into Dorico Preferences > Key Commands and add your custom shortcut back in - Dorico is perfectly happy for you to have multiple keyboard shortcuts defined for the same function. It’ll also tell you if there’s a clash with an existing shortcut, most of the time. In that scenario you may need to do a bit of head-scratching and either redefine a shortcut in both Dorico’s Preferences and the Stream Deck software, or change your mind about your existing shortcut.

Leo, I was doing some unmetered work the other day and realized there is no icon for a regular barline, only the special ones. Would you mind generating a matching icon for that too?

Ah! Yes, sure - that’s Philip’s side of things so I’ll get onto him.

Is there a notation express version or something similar for Touch Portal? Could there be?

I’ve just PMd you, batwell.

I’ve just downloaded Touch Portal as well and am curious if anyone has had luck with a full setup for Dorico.

Question for seasoned users: I had to transfer things to my home computer since that’s where I’m working now, so my settings are a bit off; that said, I don’t normally use the NE commands to filter voices (filter up/down stem 1), but I tried it today and they did not work. Are these commands broken in the current build or do I need to reinstall? It very well could be my current install on this computer, but I also know there have been little bugs and commands have been broken here and there in previous builds, so I was wondering if it isn’t working for anyone else.

I’ve just done a clean install on this mac and they’re definitely working for me.