Stream Deck use and Disabling tracks with it

I just bought the Stream Deck mk.2 (15 buttons)

I am wondering if there is someone who is using Stream Deck ?

As start in Cubase i like to disable all tracks in a large template with Vst instruments
With one button push on Stream Deck …all not used tracks are disabled in Cubase

Probably selecting all used tracks is enough …then the unused tracks can be disabled
Has someone experience with this setup ?

Could not find yet a keycommand in Cubase: disable track ?


What do you mean by the “used” or “unused” tracks, please? Do you mean a track with/without data/events/parts? Or tracks with/without output? Or hidden tracks? Or Muted tracks?


Aah yes, used or unused tracks its not precisely enough i understand.
Its a abled or disabled track(s).
Abled tracks are tracks with a assigned vst instruments to it …ready for recording.

There is no keycommand in Cubase what can able/disable a track…
Probably i must be done with a macro assigen to a stream deck button?

The template is filled with folders within vst instruments
So i pick out in the template what instruments i do want use and the instruments i don’t use, i want disable them that they don’t use the CPU or ram

Its probably not unable tracks, but a hiding tracks macro
So when loaded the template in Cubase with all instruments connected for recording i make a selection of instruments to use

So all instruments what are not selected for recording( composing)…can be hide to get a more clear projectwindow without distraction from unused instruments


You could make Project Logical Editor preset (if track is selected, visibility is set to disabled) for this and assign a Lessons to the preset. Then you can just trigger the Key Command from the Steam Deck.


Yes, all unused tracks for the composition can be hided in one go ( all tracks together) with a button on Stream Deck
I do see a example of this in
Note: in this video …the tracks are disabled… maybe is hiding enough because the template is not that big i think and its possible to add still more instruments
But perhaps is disabling tracks a better choice?

First is to select a unused track in Cubase with the logical editor and then decide what to do with the tracks


Disabling is better, if you want to save the CPU usage. But then the enabling needs some time.

And you cannot enable/disable track from the Project Logical Editor, so you cannot do it on one go for multiple tracks.

Honestly, disabling and hiding is totally different use case.

I’ve only just got one and my studio is up in the air at the moment so I’ve not had any time to use it in Cubase but for other things I’ve used it for it’s great. I got the medium sized one but I’m planning on getting the bigger one soon.

Yes, I am. And there are 3000+ users of the Stream Deck Cubase plugin.
(I’m the developer of the plugin)

That’s great, i just bought the streamdeck mk 2 ( and not the xl version) and thought this must be to use too for Cubase 11?

Hi, i bought the streamdeck mk2 thinking this i can use for Cubase too instead of the xl version ?

Right now i am trying to disabling tracks ( via amacro) in my Cubase template with one button push on the Streamdeck

I guess that my Streamdeck mk2 is enough for my composing in Cubase
There is something to download for Stream Deck xl used with Cubase (generic…) , but i guess also that this can be used for Streamdeck mk2 with smaller number of buttons

In one go is possible for hiding/unhide multiple tracks , but not for multiple tracks disabeling/enabeling.
The fact to disable tracks one for one makes it not attractive for practical use…

So, i go for (forced to) to hiding tracks then and maybe its not a problem in a rather large template ?
The advantage of a hide track is that it is ready for recording for all instruments.

Get the idea that disable tracks and hide tracks is a default macro in Cubase.
Its only for selecting all tracks ( for hiding), that theLogical Editor comes in play.

I do see here a example of the logical editor what select all empty tracks and triggered a macro for disabling the empty tracks.
So no need for one for one track disabling. :sweat_smile:
BUT …the example video is for a audio track and i use midi tracks…

Despite being in the “audio” heading, the “disable track” key commands works on audio, vsti and midi tracks.

Sometimes you just gotta figure it out through trial and error.

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One of the best ways, imo.

Trial and error is the worst learningstrategy one can imagine unfortanely
Better is to have to know the learning principles behind the logical editor and macro editor
At the moment it is not yet present with me

I do need some lessons about the logical editor and the macro editor too
Now i am following a found videoexample for my setup case and it seems thati have to made one setup out of the two video presented…yes trial and error

Yes, it works for midi as it seems the firsttime, but later not anymore
So what’s going on here ? => solved in the Project logic editor
In the beginning the logical editor was greyed out and i must first fix this in the “roaming folder”(windows 10) by copying.
Let me look again to it …

Are there some learning principles to find behind the logical/macro editor ?

Yes, i can enable/disable all empty tracks ( only Vsti assignd)
Now i must hide /unhide all this unabled tracks too

Workflow: unable empty tracks and hide them
Only the working template is visible

Let suppose i will add/chance some instruments afterwards.
Unhide unabled instruments
Now by hand pickout what track(s) to use and enable this and add a midi note ( event) , otherwise the tracks will be unabled ( because the project logical editor is looking for a empty track)

Easier is to hide/unhide all tracks …that’s all