Stream Online With Cubase 8 and VoiceMeeter

Hello everyone thank you for having me in your forums :slight_smile:
so… I want to stream music online. What i exaclty want is to Stream Everything that cubase uses. The Vst The audio with
the effects and everything. But i am having trouble doing that :S I made some research and i am really confused about it.
If there is anyone who can help me i will really apreciate it .
I am really sorry for my bad english .
p.s. I posted again but i didnt saw it online so i though that i just didnt press the publish button . I am really sorry if i sent the topic twice.
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Choose as driver within Cubase the “voicemeter asio” or something like that, now cubase sends its outputs to the voicemeter mixer.