Streaming with Cubase and ATEM MINI PRO

Anyone having any experience with the Blackmagic Atem mini? I am putting together a way to stream from all 6 rooms of my studio, just wondering if there are any sync issues or any suggestions on delivering audio to the stream… I was planning to take analog out from the UAD system and send to the TRS 1/8" input, tho that never makes me psyched to use 1/8" trs… Any thoughts are appreciated!!

  • Chris Alpiar
    Sun Ship Studios, Atlanta/Snellville
    c/o Alpsmedia, LLC

I have an Atem. I’ve never used in an audio recording scenario though.
As I understand it… because the line-in doesn’t go thru the HDMI ‘system’, it won’t be in sync. The Atem control panel has a delay setting for each line-in… but it’s only a few samples if I remember correctly.

In my case, my video was passing thru an hdmi monitor so there was additional delay… and the Atem control panel wouldn’t let me delay the line-in enough to sync.

Using the hdmi to carry your audio would be a solution. (so you’d need a camera that would accept the line-in… and most cameras I’ve used don’t sound great either)

Well i have a zoom q8 that has hdmi and very good audio, so maybe as long as i include that nasty fisheye view with my setup maybe thats the way to go?