Streamline windows in cubase

Dear readers,

I feel that a lot of the windows in cubase are crowded with buttons.
It’s not a big request, but a clean-up wood be nice.
TIP: maybe use tab’s like in wave lab 9.

Sonnox oxford did a really nice re-design on there plugins like the restore suits and there new plugin called evolution.
I hope you guys get inspired taking this essential look to brush-up cubase.

P.S. also did a nice job on wave lab 9

Next to cubase i also have wave lab 9.
In occasions that i choose a plugin i notice there is a difference in opening folders when accessing plugins like in wave lab 9 compared with cubase 8.5.
Example wave lab 9: when hovering above a folder the plugins in the folder show where with cubase you have to click on the folder.
Please please make it so that plugin folder handeling is the same as in wave lab 9.

If you mean the arrange and the mixer window, you know you can customize the buttons with a right click? Although, weirdly enough, it takes two clicks in the arrange window and three in the mixer window as there is an extra useless menu layer. One of the many inconsistencies in C8 :slight_smile: