Streamlined Installation Process

I install a new version of Cubase twice a year which is much more frequently than in the old days.

The installation process needs to be like the update process. Make it seamless, keeping every setting. I don’t want to have to remove my previous version or reconfigure anything or load previous user settings.

Reaper is a joy to install but not Cubase!

It’s already like this… Your settings are automatically imported if you use the same Install for All Users setting as the previous installation and you don’t have to do anything else to make things work.

It didn’t do that for me. The key commands all reverted back to the default ones and the layout was all three windows instead of 1 Window as I have it set, also the previous version of Cubase was left on my hard drive.

Then you probably didn’t pick the right option.

And the previous version is supposed to stay installed. This isn’t a simple update, it’s a whole new software version.

Yes I did also I’m saying the way it installs upgrades is wrong. That is the entire point of my post. Read what I wrote. Reaper makes it easy. Try Reaper over a period of time and you will see. I understand that some people may want to keep the older version for song compatibility but I want a box to check during installation which makes it remove the previous version. You just want to argue with me. We are now at a sixth month upgrade cycle so they should make it easier.

You’re comparing apples to oranges. Reaper has many small updates throughout the year. Every paid Cubase update changes almost half of the program and includes hundreds of undocumented changes and fixes. Again the paid updates are a WHOLE NEW VERSION. Their scope is much, much bigger than Reaper updates.

Removing the previous version blindly is just plain irresponsible. It’s impossible to know if there will be any system-specific issues that will get in the way of your work. You’re only supposed to uninstall the previous version once you’re 110% sure that you’re ready to switch.

I’m not arguing for the sake of arguing. To me you didn’t put any thought into this suggestion at all. This would do nothing but generate hundreds of complaints, all because you’re being lazy about spending 10 seconds to uninstall the previous version.

The update cycle is 1 year long like always, they just were ahead of schedule this year. I have absolutely no idea where you got those 6 months from.