Streamlining Podcast Editing

Hello Steinberg Community,

I’ve been creating podcasts for the past six years with Audacity and purchased Cubase a few months ago. I’m still learning the program, and have a sort of rube goldberg method of editing that I’m hoping I can streamline.

I record the podcast on multi-tracks and edit the content in Cubase. Then, I export the file as a WAV and run it through Levelator, which does a great job compressing, normalizing, and some other stuff to create good, consistent audio levels throughout the entire project. This is necessary, as sometimes the overall level of the project changes, either because my guests/cohosts are operating on less than ideal mics, our skype connection is bad, or to address other irregularities in recording. Then, I import the file into audacity to run “Truncate Silence” and sometimes a “Noise Reduction.” Does Cubase have a good way to do what Levelator or Audacity are doing here?

If anyone records podcasts with Cubase, what does your editing process look like?