Stresstest my PC Win 10 DAW

I got myself a new DAW…and now I want to know if its really is doing the job ? or can I tweak something to make it better? It takes rather long time to make Audio Mixdown , same as my 5 years old i7 with 16Mb RAM…

In the Audio Performance Window the “Average-bar” goes to about half of its length or a little under with maybe 10-15 monotracks wich have some Waves plugins or Izotope or Nuendos … Really simple.

Nuendo 11.4
WIN 10
Motherboard.:ASUS Prime Z 590-A
CPU: INTEL I9 11900 K
RAM: Corsair 64 Mb
Intels own graphic…
Audio: RME Raydat x 3 ADI 8

In Nuendo ASIO driverpage everything is as when installed .
So …What readings am I expect to see regarding Performance?
Should I even care about the meter? I dont have any issues…yet,
I know, this is a little blurry question,
But does anyone have some clever way to check my PC regarding Nuendo/recording/mixing?

The Best, Micke S. Sweden.

The only “standardized” test out there specifically for DAWs would be DAWbench. You’d have to find and download it, run it, and then find other users with the same CPU to see if you’re getting relatively good results. Other than that you can run generic benchmarks and see how it performs. I don’t know, maybe Cinebench or something can tell you something about multi- and single-core performance. If it’s off the norm for that CPU then perhaps some settings in BIOS need to change.

The performance meter reading kind’a has to be interpreted. If your previous CPU was a quad core for example and the 11900 is an eight core then you should have a lot more headroom for parallel processing where more threads are used. That won’t really show until you start adding more and more tracks in parallel.

  • Serial processing would be having a long chain of processing where one calculation has to complete before the next one can start, for example a long chain of plugins on an audio track that goes to a group with a bunch of plugins that go to the master output with a bunch of plugins. In that case because it’s in series it’ll load up a single core/thread for the most part, unless things have changed recently.

As for audio mixdown and settings I recall that changing the buffer size can speed up the export. I think it might depend but generally a very low buffer will slow down exports.

Also, some plugins will slow things down. I’ve noticed that both in Pro Tools and Nuendo shutting off for example iZotope Insight 2 (metering) will speed up exports quite a bit. And while working even having multiple iZotope plugins open will slow things down if they have frequency spectrum displays visible in them.

PS: I recall that many people skipped the 11900K and got the older 10900K instead, since that CPU had more cores and more cache and was cheaper at the time.

Mattias, Again…Thanks.
Good to know about Izotope… I bought a bundle mostly for RX but I find OZONE mastering is a nice thing…
About I9 11900K…Dont mention the war… Yes… it was not the best buy…and it runs HOT… I have read a lot of negative things about it but now I have it… AND thats why I was asking, As I understand Nuendo does not improve with a lot of cores…or was it threads…? am I wrong?
You are right about my old setup, 4 cores but it WAS really good! even with an old harddrive for audio…
Thanks again!

It does improve, but it depends on what you do. It’s mostly just what I said earlier: If you load up one long chain of plugins that are “CPU-heavy” then performance of a single core becomes very important, but if you just have a moderate serial load (chain of plugins) and instead use a lot of tracks then more cores ends up being beneficial.

And these days a lot of CPUs will run two threads on each core. I think that stuff can be turned on or off.

Btw, if you think you’re getting mediocre performance you can show people your settings by just posting a screen cap. Perhaps someone can help.

Thanks again!