stretch a MIDI melody?

I have a MIDI melody in 1/4 notes and want to double the lengths of the notes and move the start-times so that I end up with the same melody, but in 1/2 notes. Does Cubase 10.5 provide a way to do this?

MIDI>Logical Presets>standard set 1> half tempo. You may have to adjust note lengths. There’s a few different ways to accomplish this: the easiest being to select all in the key editor and drag right.

The easiest way for me:

If the part is well defined (starts at first note and ends at the end of the last note), press1 two times.

The tool becomes stretch contents, grab the part from the bottom right handle, pull until it’s double in length.

Thank you both. This didn’t do what I’m hoping for:

The attached GIF’s show what I got from 2-times “1” in Cubase and also what I’m hoping to do in Cubase.

You want to do this


Not in the Key Editor on MIDI Events like in your gifs. Do it in the Project Window with the MIDI Part - that is the entity you want to stretch, not the individual Notes.

Exactly! Sorry, I should have been more specific.

My fault; I should have paid closer attention to your words “bottom right handle”. Thanks much, everyone.

Well you did call it a “part” which pretty much leaves only one option.