Stretch, glue/ cut features need app restart to work

I use the iPad Mini 5. Not sure if my iPad should be factored in the equation which is why I mentioned it.

  1. Summary/Title
    I love cubasis 3 but one small issue (which has coalesced to this notable complaint) is the need to refresh my session to use tools like stretch, cut and glue.

  2. Description
    Most times this is a breeze due to c3’s save system, a very quick and painless restart (tab swipe refresh). After the latest update, as of now 3.4.3, I hoped that it may be solved but instead it got worse. Now it kills my workflow especially when experimenting with samples.
    3-4 times minimum in a day.

  3. Expected Result
    Open up the DAW and use all of its components without the need to stop and restart the app. To use stretch, cut and glue features are fundimental of any DAW I think, albeit this being a mobile one per se. I think c3 is sophisticated enough to be considered a legit DAW most cases.

  4. Actual Results
    Press stretch button, begin sliding at the end of sample and the whole samples moves in space as thought the stretch feature isn’t engaged. Restart and carefully zoom in, and done. Try to cut at the transient of a sample to chop it up but the… And so on.

  5. Environment
    Not sure if this app is contingent upon apple’s non-stop updates but I don’t make haste to update the ios as soon as a new one comes. Nor have I considered to restart the iPad itself since it works well with everything else.


Thank you for your message.
We are sorry to read that you have issues using Cubasis.

If possible, please provide use with a short clip that shows the steps leading to the issue.
Please upload the clip via Dropbox or similar and share the download link with us.

  • What iPadOS do you have installed?
  • What iPad model do you have in use?
  • Did you give it a try to restart the iPad (if so, what happened afterwards)?