Stretch to fill frame?

I am just finishing a piece for piano and orchestra. At some point I have the entire string orchestra divisi so I want to make optimal use of the vertical space of the music frames on these pages.
Is there an easy way (that is, not manually trying to optimize 60+ staves) to do this without affecting the rest of the score? Like “stretch it all to fill the frame”? Could find something like this so I fear not…

If I understand what you are looking for, it’s a local adjustment for the music frames margins. As far as I know, you are right. There’s nothing like it!

For the opposite purpose – a small system where the next system won’t quite fit on the same page – I have used another master page with a shorter frame, which can be assigned to individual pages.

But I don’t know how one can make better use of the red areas in your screenshot, on only some pages, because the frame can’t be extended past the margins, and the margin settings are per-layout.

You can override the music frame margins / padding inside individual frames on individual pages - this functions as a page override, so if you later edit the underlying master page, those overridden pages won’t get updated. But it does allow you to control music frame margins on a per-page basis, overriding the per-layout defaults.


Thanks! I’ll check it out :smiley: