Stretchable channel edit window, bug or feature ?

Today, when opening a mix project to complete it, I noticed the channel edit window was stretched over two monitors. I hadn’t noticed you could stretch or diminish the size of this window. You can even hide the center section or hide one, two or all bands of eq.
Is it me or is it a feature ? Has it been there before ?
Is it implemented to fit the Cloud control surface screen layout?

Nothing big, just got me wondering.

I think this was introduced with Nu6 Cu7.
It is nice but not really practical.
Unless it is set to a certain size, the EQ controls get screwed up.
So I never change the size of the edit channel window.
Oh well.

We used to be able to customize the edit channel window but now we can only stretch it.
I miss my customized edit channel window.
The fader should be on the left, or wherever the user wants it.

It’s a feature then…
It indeed can look weird when you have half of the EQ bands viewable.I don’t think I’ll use this feature either.
Thanks for replying Rotund.
Have a good day.


It can be handy to widen the analyzer. I move it back after I’m done though. I definitely call it a feature.


If the window configuration memory retains size and screen on wich it is displayed, it could eventually get used as a fancy analyser. Then, a stepped and homothetic movement constrain would be nicer to look at IMO.

The window size is retained in workspaces. I really dig the resizeability. Use it like crazy. Definitely a feature.