Stretching/warping cassette recordings (to fix pitch & time)?

Hi all,

Is it possible to stretch a recording (such as a cassette recording) to correct pitch issues, and then to apply a second stretch thereafter to correct timing fluctuations? I have an old cassette recording that I am trying to use as reference or scratch track for a project, but as you can guess it is not in pitch and is also has some tempo fluctuations.

At face value I realize this sounds like a tall order. I’m not well-educated enough in Cubase’s features to know if it’s impossible or not. Any help would be appreciated.



you can read up on the Time Warp feature (Pro only) here:

Or Here’s a couple of videos I recommend:

I’ve not tried it, so I’m not sure how usable the results are, but if you can experiment with the elastique tape algorithm:

I (and I’m sure many others) would be interested to hear how you get on…I’ve been meaning to salvage some old, degraded reel to reel tapes…



This is a super tricky thing to correct. Celemony (the masters of time & pitch manipulation) makes a product dedicated to the task - and it is super expensive like over $4K (but you can rent it for 5 days at a mere $200 :astonished: ).

Good luck