String articulations not changing playing techniques

Hello all,

I’m primarily interested in using Dorico for film scoring, and find it’s ability to use vst’s and expression maps incredible. Can’t wait for channel switching and Cubase integration! I know we’re not out of the woods yet, but hope what I’m running into is an exception and not the rule.

Essentially, for some reason using Spiccato in notation is triggering natural harmonic 1 in playing techniques in the Play window. Everything seems to check out in the playing techniques editor, and I haven’t changed anything from the default programming.

Also found something that looks like a weird bug where one of the menus starts flashing. (Go to playing techniques editor for spiccato, next to playback playing technique click on edit, and then select (unset) for Fallback and then menu starts flashing chaotically.)

I took a video to try to show what’s going on, but can’t upload from my phone (error code for .mov files). Happy to forward it to whoever that can help.

Thanks for all of the great work!

Saw that it was doing the same thing to Staccato - playing them as natural harmonic 1. (wondering if this has something to do with me using harmonic notes previously in the score). Tried restarting my computer just to see what would happen and no change. Just downloaded and tried the demo for Noteperformer (awesome time saver!), and found that it fixed the issue with the staccato’s, but spiccato is still being registered as natural harmonic 1.

Try inserting an additional ‘nat.’ playing technique immediately following the end of the passage that uses natural harmonics.

That did it! Lesson learned. Thanks for all of your work and for the great job you’re doing fielding all of our comments/questions! Excited about Dorico’s future!

Really you shouldn’t have to do this, but it’s another symptom of the somewhat incomplete state of expression map support in Dorico – which we will be looking to remedy as soon as we can.