String Harmonics playback issues

I’ve been having some playback issues with harmonics. Basic touch-4 artificial harmonics don’t seem to work (stopped pitch with a diamond up a perfect fourth). Maybe I’m just not understanding it, but also just natural harmonics like touch 5, 4, or 3 harmonics. I like to notate them based on the fingered pitch, not the sounding pitch, which I’ve heard my string players prefer.

I’ve never managed to get them to play correctly, it’s either the natural or the ‘touched’ but not both. To be honest I haven’t tried very hard. But my understanding and the way I’ve used them for 26 years, in 3 continents, is that ‘natural’ sounds as notated and ‘touched’ sounds 2 octaves higher.

artificial harmonics.dorico (403.8 KB)
This plays back correctly for me with a number of different VSTs including Dorico default and NP.

Correct. Though if the lower note is an open string it can usually be omitted.

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That’s bizarre… Your project plays perfectly, but none of mine do… :thinking: You say this is just default, no expression maps or definitions anywhere?

Nothing applied to the default playback templates.

Bizarre… It’s not important for me anyway, but good to know. Thanks!