String harmonics, strange behaviour.


I’m wondering about string harmonics and why this is happening. See pic- I don’t want a circle over every note that are tied. 8th note tied to a halfnote, why two circles!? How do I get rid of the second one!?

Screenshot 2019-09-18 kl. 10.09.40.png

If you add the harmonic the “old” way via the Shift+P popover then you can specify that it should have zero duration and thus only appear above the first notehead in the tie chain.

Thanks Daniel!

I can’t find the poopover for string harmonic? I’ve tried 0, (0), O, (O), o, (o) nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

It’s Shift+P, o (lowercase o) for me. However, I would advise against indicating the harmonic just in the beginning. It’s generally not recommended to do so. The recommended form is the way Dorico does it with the harmonics function.